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SMEStorage: Save OpenOffice Files In Google Docs Online

As I pointed out in an earlier post about Microsoft’s new Office Web Apps, there is an undeniable push towards storing document data online (in the cloud). This puts traditional Office suites in a bit of a sticky situation. They do retain a superior interface for editing documents, but they lack a built-in way to share documents with others.

OpenOffice, the popular free office suite, is able to solve this problem through the extensions made available for it. One of these extensions is made by a company called SMEStorage, which specializes in “mutli-cloud data access.” SMEStorage has the ability to use Google Documents as an online document/file storage, making it easy to access OpenOffice files with multiple computers.
Setting Up SMEStorage
Before you can use SMEStorage, you will need to set it up. This take a little more effort than, say, installing a Firefox extension.
You will first need to download the MultiCloud File Manager extension from the extension repository and install it. You then must go to the SMEStorage website and register an account with them. At the SMEStorage front page, select “I Want to Use Google Docs.”

 Once you have registered, you need to open the MultiCloud File Manager extension in There is a new set of icons in the upper left of the suite. Click on the folder icon furthest to the left.
 When you open the extension, you will be asked to enter your login information. This is the username and password that you just created when you registered on the SMEStorage website. Once you have entered that information, click OK. The extension will begin the process of trying to connect to Google Documents.

You will be presented with a second login screen once a connection is established – this is verifying your login information to Google Documents. Enter your information again and press OK. The SMEStorage extension will finish importing your Google Documents information.
Browsing and Creating Google Documents
The browser that displays your Google Documents displays as a tree. Your documents will be located under All Files –> My Google Docs files. To open a file, you simply need to double-click on it. A status window will appear while SMEStorage downloads the information, and the file will then open in
You can edit the document as you would normally, but to save the document you must use the new save icon that was added to by the extension. It is next to the new folder icon that was used to open the SMEStorage extension initially. You will be asked if you want to encrypt on the upload or not. This can be handy if you are on an open wireless hotspot and you want to make sure the document is secure. Otherwise, it isn’t usually required.


SMEStorage is a great way to sync up files, but it should be noted that SMEStorage isn’t perfect. SMEStorage uses Google Documents as a storage medium and only a storage medium. The files that you save into Google Documents can not be edited while in Google Documents. This is not a problem, of course, if you have OpenOffice installed on your machines, but it is a unfortunate limitation of this extension. This is apparently to due to some conflict in the way Google Documents handles documents uploaded by third party programs.
You can get around this problem by downloading a document to your computer and then uploading to back to Google Documents with the option to convert the file to the Google Documents format selected.
If you like to use and you want to sync files between multiple computers this is an excellent way to do it. SMEStorage provides an excellent service for users, and the extension’s integration into is smooth.

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Actually, I tried this, one of the limitations you mention can easily be resolved just by changing a setting in SMEStorage Google Docs settings. There is an option to enable Google Docs file conversion options and you can set it to yes or no. If set to yes, then the documents saved are easily edited in Google Docs.

As rightly said there is an option for file conversion, but it would be great if there was no need to do all this work, just directly import the sheets from various file formats and the tool understands it by itself. I guess there are some tools which are going to hit the market, I hope these tools have such features. I have been waiting for this one called CollateBox, not sure whether it has such options but will definitely check this out.It says better than Google docs

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